Hub City Carwash Open 24/7, Clean Your Pets Too

Frequently Asked Questions

Hours of operation… The Automatics are open 24/7 with the attendant on duty 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm weather permitting. The self-service is also open 24/7, 365 days a year, rain, snow or cold.

How do I purchase Tokens?... Tokens can be purchased at our North location at 1145 N. 7th, 9 am to 5 pm Monday – Saturday (weather permitting).

What wash is the token worth?... Tokens are a $5 credit, as they are not for any specific wash. If at any time you would like to get our $6 or $7 wash, just deposit one token and use cash to update your wash.

Can tokens be used in the self-service bays also?... Tokens can be used at our North and Creston self-service bays. Our South location can only use them in the automatic for now.

Can I buy tokens with my credit or debit card?... Yes, you can purchase tokens with a credit or debit card at our North location during attendant hours.

Do you have gift cards?... Yes, we do. Gift cards can be purchased at our North location. When you purchase a $20 or higher gift card we add 20% more to that card.

Do you accept credit and debit cards?... Yes, we do. Credit and debit cards can be used at both our Rochelle Hub City Car Wash locations, in the Automatics, self-service bays, and to purchase gift cards. At the Creston location credit and debit cards can only be used for the Automatic.

Why do I have a $15 charge on my credit card?... When using your credit or debit card in the self-service bays or the pet wash at any location, our limit is $15 per swipe before you will have to swipe your card again for additional time. When pressing stop on the credit card swiper you will see what your card is being charged. When you first swipe your card, the card is approved for our limit $15. When you’re in the self-service bay or the pet wash, we sell time and it does not know how much time you’re going to use. When pressing stop it does not call your credit card until we batch out at the end of the day, when that $15 hold will be released and your original charge will be present.

Can I get a credit or debit card receipt?... Yes, you may get a receipt any time when an attendant is on duty. We just need the last 4 digits of your card and we will print out your receipt for any day or month.

What are the pet wash hours?... The pet wash is open 24/7 and is heated during winter. It is a fully self-serve operation.

Does the pet wash accept credit cards?... Yes, credit, debit or our gift card.

How does the pet wash work?... Please see our pet wash page to answer all your questions.

Should I use the spot free rinse in the self-serve bays?... It is extremely important to use spot free rinse as your final rinse. Spot free is R/O (reverse osmosis) that has no TDS “totally dissolved salts.” Spot free rinse comes out at a lower pressure than the high-pressure rinse so you can get into all the nooks and crannies.

How often should I wash my car or truck… Keeping your car clean and the finish looking good can also mean higher resale value when it comes time to get a new car. All else being equal, a car with faded paint and a dingy overall look sells for 10-20% less than an otherwise identical vehicle that just looks nicer. So how often should you have your vehicle washed…? That depends on how quickly it gets dirty – and how dirty it gets. For some cars, once a month or so is sufficient, especially if the car is lightly used and kept in a garage. But some cars will need a bath more often, especially those that are parked outdoors where they’re exposed to bird droppings, tree sap and so on, or driven in areas with very long/severe winters where the roads are salted when it snows, or the area where we are, where there are a lot of farms and dust.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind… When it comes to automatic car washes, be sure it’s “brushless”. Some older car washes are still using abrasive brushes (instead of cloth) which can leave small scratches in a car’s finish. On older cars with so-called “single stage” paint jobs, light scratches could usually be buffed out, but all modern cars use a “base/clear” system with a thin, transparent layer of clear coat on top of the underlying color coat to provide the shine. Once the thin clear coat is damaged, the only way to restore the shine is to repaint the damaged area. Another safe bet is “touchless” car washes that use only high-pressure water jets and detergents to clean the car, without physically touching it at all. There is virtually no chance of your vehicle suffering any cosmetic change this way. Some areas have “self-service” coin operated hand washes, which are great for spraying away heavy dirt buildup. Hub City and Creston Car Wash gives you the option to use a foam brush in our self-service bays to get those trouble areas. At all our locations, we only use HOG HAIR brushes that are the best – NO NYLON brushes. If the wash offers an undercarriage bath, it may be worth the additional cost. Jets of water sprayed directly underneath the car can break loose accumulated crud that would be difficult (and unpleasant) to try to remove yourself using a garden hose. It’s also important that underbody drainage holes not be obstructed by mud and other buildup. Accumulated moisture can accelerate rust or (in the case of air conditioning systems) lead to the formation of mold in the system. The undercarriage bath should help keep those drain holes clear. Hub City Car Wash offers undercarriage wash on our #2, #3 and #4 automatic washes.

Watch out for the after-wash wipe-down… Most drive-through washes use a strong jet of heated air to force excess water off after the car goes through the wash. Many full-service car washes will then have you drive the car (or drive it for you in some cases) away from the wash area to be hand-wiped by attendants. This is usually OK – provided the attendants are using fresh, clean and soft towels. Be alert on busy days, when lots of other cars have gone ahead of you. If you see the attendants using obviously dirty old rags, to wipe the car down, you should say “thanks, but no thanks,” and drive away wet. Dirt and other abrasives in the rags can scratch the finish just like sandpaper. Simply driving away from the wash and letting air flow over the car to dry any remaining water won’t hurt anything, and is the best guarantee of a no-damage experience. Any lingering streaks can easily be cleaned up at home yourself using readily available spray cleaners designed for just this purpose (Honda Pro Spray Cleaner & Polish is excellent for this; it also provides UV protection and easily and safely cleans off bugs, tar and road grime, etc. without water). Hub City and Creston Car Wash uses “spot free rinse” R/O reverse osmosis for our final rinse, and driving will ensure your vehicle will dry nicely. It is also extremely important to hand wax at least once per year. A vehicle that has a good wax coating is so much easier to clean and keep clean. When oil, hydrocarbons, bird droppings, or tree sap sit on a vehicle’s surface too long, they can eat away at the finish and cause damage. Once “baked on” the only way to remove them is by hand washing. Our touchless automatic car washes are a great way to clean your car fast and keep your car happy. We also tell our customers to go into our self-serve bays and give their car or truck a good scrubbing once every couple months, or when needed. At our Hub City Car Wash – North location – we offer a complete full-service scrub down in our automatic car wash lane at an extra charge.