Hub City Carwash Open 24/7, Clean Your Pets Too


Pet Wash “Options and Pricing”

Come on in the water’s fine

Deposit $5.00 for 6 minutes for additional time:

Deposit money before time runs out

  • 1. Wet your pet with rinse option
  • 2. Choose Oat/Tear less shampoo option
  • 3. Rinse pet
  • 4. Choose condition option
  • 5. Rinse pet
  • 6. Choose deodorize option
  • 7. Rinse pet
  • 8. Vacuum excess water/hair off pet
  • 9. Choose blow dryer to dry coat
  • 10. Be nice to the next and use the last few seconds to disinfect the tub and wash down the hair

Please… don’t leave your pet unattended!

We accept Visa, Master Card, Credit or Debit and Cash, with our card mate system we have a bill acceptor in our Pet Wash.

Tokens 7 @ $30.00

Also we have Gift Cards and Fleet Cards, which gives you an extra 20% off, “What a Deal.” You can’t go wrong with these prices.